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December 16, 2016 by DArnaez
Hi guys! I want to keep creating scenarios for Desktopx but since I upgrade to WIndows 10 I leave the project. Some week ago many people write me asking for Scenarios for Windows 10. My question is... there is any software alternative to reach the same or similar funtions like to create objects (clickable) on the desktop?  By the moment the best option is WINSTEP XTREME 16.12.  Is this the best or there is any posibility that Stardock release a DesktopX 10 anytime?   ...
April 22, 2010 by DArnaez
Hi guys! I came to ask the proffessionals in DesktopX if this idea is possible.  The plan is to give each object in the scene a property to change it size depending the position in the screen. If somebody know please let me know how. THanks in advance!